600 - 800 Amps non-service rated automatic transfer switch 3 and 1-phase

600 - 800 Amps non-service rated automatic transfer switch 3 and 1-phase


Keep your Generac transfer switch from Generator Pros in top condition for a long-lasting life!

Generator Pros in Barrie, Ontario sells and installs 600 - 800 Amps non-service rated automatic transfer switches

Your transfer switch is in a room that is frequently used- your bathroom, office, maybe even workroom. Regardless, it witnesses a lot of life in its room and is exposed to numerous potentially damaging things such as moisture, tools falling off walls or hitting it during work, wood weakening and its support wasting away, even freezing if it is in a cottage that isn't heated throughout the winter months. These variables and potential hazards cause damage to your transfer switch and can shorten its functional life exponentially. The moisture causes warping, freezing and thawing causes rust from condensation, wood weakening means the switch could fall off entirely, and tools hitting it causes puncture holes that damage inner workings.

These problems are to be avoided and now they can be with the 600 - 800 Amps automatic transfer switch. These transfer switches are enclosed in NEMA/UL 3R rugged steel enclosure. This steel is created to resist snow, water, ice, wind, and damage from outdoor hazards such as falling tree branches and icicles. This durability makes the steel certain to hold up in your home and if it is struck or moisture builds up the expected effect will not occur. This is some of the toughest steel on the market and is designed specifically to protect your transfer switch. The primary goal is should an outer force potentially cause damage the damage will be minimal or not there at all.

The inside is protected too! The primary inner workings that have contact with one-another are coated in silver or are silver-alloy plated. This coating prevents welding and sticking that would otherwise cause problems with flow, function, and could potentially be a hazard in your transfer switch.

For more information please call or visit Generator Pros in Barrie, Ontario. We are a licensed Generac dealer who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and are able to install your Transfer switch after purchase.

We serve Muskoka to Toronto, Pefferlaw to Owen Sound, and anywhere in-between.

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