Protector 32kW QS Home Backup Generator

Protector 32kW QS Home Backup Generator


Make use of this Generac Generator from Generator Pros to protect power circuits in your home

Protection for Half the Cost of Central Air Conditioning

Does your current generator take up too much room? Is it too loud? Are you tired of breaks in the power/current with its high harmonic distortion? All these problems and more are solved with the new Protector 32kW QS Home Backup Generator!

Your generator can be installed just 18 inches away from the main structure. This eliminates the trouble of having large blank spaces for extension cords, to prevent overheating, and opens more space for you to do what you wish with it! Would you like a vegetable garden? A new patio? A nice walkway or pleasing open land for all to admire? Whatever you're hoping for, you'll have room for it!

Harmonic distortion is a pain. This causes breaks in the power circuit and is responsible for your flashing lights, iffy sound quality, and questions about whether the stove will stay on long enough for you to cook anything. This problem is solved with True Power™ technology. This technology is proven to ensure your generator will have the best power quality possible and less than 5% harmonic distortion. The operation is clean, smooth, and reliable.

The Protector 32kW QS Generator is also quiet. Its weekly tests run at a lower RPM than others. While working for extended periods of time it is proven to be quieter than many counter-parts.

Generator Pros is a licensed Generac dealer and are more than happy to advise you on which generator is right for your specific needs. After purchase our certified staff will be pleased to complete the installation.

For more information please call or visit Generator Pros in Barrie, Ontario. We serve Muskoka to Toronto, Owen Sound to Pefferlaw, and everywhere in-between.

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Last Updated On: August 09, 2017
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